Hon. Oluwole Oke, Chair of the House Committee on Judiciary and Representative of Obokun/Oriade Federal Constituency in Osun State, has put forth a proposal to introduce three new states in the South-West geopolitical zone. The bill, which aims to amend the constitution's first schedule, part I, suggests the creation of Oke-Ogun, Ijebu, and Ife-Ijesa states.


If the bill garners enough support and passes into law, it would mark a significant restructuring of the South-Western states. Of particular note is the inclusion of Ife-Ijesa State, which is set to be composed of 11 LGAs. The proposed capital city for Ife-Ijesa State is Ile-Ife, a historically and culturally significant location in Yoruba tradition.


This move could potentially reshape the political landscape of the region, providing increased autonomy and governance tailored to the specific needs of the local communities within Ife-Ijesa State. As the bill progresses, it will likely spark discussions and debates among stakeholders regarding the feasibility and implications of such a significant administrative change.