1. Jaundice Relief: Infuse unripe pawpaw fruits for two days; consume half a glass (liquid only) three times daily.


2. Impotence Solution: Boil two unripe pawpaw fruits with seeds and peel in eight bottles of water; take half a glass thrice daily.


3. Stomach Ulcer: Cut unripe pawpaw fruits into pieces, infuse with seeds and cover for two days, then filter. Take half a glass three times daily.


4. Asthma: Burn dried pawpaw leaves, inhale smoke during attacks, and preventively inhale smoke every night for potential permanent relief.


5. Malaria: Squeeze yellow pawpaw leaves in water; drink a glassful three times daily for seven days.


6. Constipation Relief: Squeeze a handful of pawpaw leaves in a glass of water for quick relief.


7. Tuberculosis: Chew and swallow ripe pawpaw seeds with garlic, ginger, and bitter kola in honey; take a tablespoon morning and evening.


8. Regulating Menstruation: Grind dried pawpaw seeds, mix with lemon juice, and take a quarter glass twice daily.


9. Worm Expulsion: Chew few ripe pawpaw seeds on an empty stomach in the morning.


10. Cough Control: Chew and swallow liquid from tender pawpaw roots every three hours.


11. Epilepsy Management: Grind dried pawpaw leaves, mix with palm kernel oil or Shea Butter, and use as body cream regularly.


12. Piles Cure: Prepare as for bronchitis below and take a glass twice daily.


13. Bronchitis Remedy: Boil pawpaw roots; consume half a glass thrice daily.


14. Convulsion Relief: Grind dried pawpaw leaves into powder, add to palm kernel oil, stir well, and rub over the body during convulsion attacks. Helpful in cases of high fever to bring down body temperature.


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