Mandela training as a boxer.


“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write; if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself, what a man can be, he must be.” –Abraham Maslow

The above quote from Abraham Maslow will guide the content of this topic on self discovery and its effect on success. The first practical example that I will talk about is Late Chief Dr Orlando Owoh, a carpenter turned highlife musician. In one of his interviews, he explained that his dad started his trade as a musician but he was without success despite his efforts, he then diverted into carpentry, which eventually made him successful.

Dr. Orlando said that his dad, Pa Owomoyela objected to his decision to go into music because of his own personal experience and for that, the young Owomoyela had to learn carpentry to satisfy his dad but when he too could not find fulfillment in carpentry, he returned to music, where he found his fame.

Another example of the people that have their fulfillment from other areas rather than where they first sojourned was Nelson Madiba Mandela.

Mandela at a time went into boxing, later trained and practiced as a lawyer but his fulfillment and fame came from the revolution that he aimed at liberating his people.

The summary of the above is that we are individually wired for a particular sector of human needs for which we will have satisfaction and fulfillment, so whenever an individual is operating at an odd sector to what he is wired for, it will be as if that individual is placed on a reverse gear where others are progressing, such individual will be full of bitterness and complaints, because for a man to be at peace with himself, he must be that that he can be.

I smiled when Usain Bolt spoke about his plan to go into soccer, the rhetorical question we could have asked is if he would have attained the same success in soccer as he did in athletic? Could Micheal Jackson, Oliver Khan, Romario, Albert Einstein, Joel Salatin, Nelson Mandela, Alan Morton Dershowitz, Mike Tyson, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other living and departed known successful individuals have attained the same success if they had tried their abilities at some totally different things from what the whole world recognized them for?

Though Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg tried education, but they could not find their fulfillments in academic world; yet, they both ended up giving the world what to recognize and celebrate them for when they responded to the callings, which they feel at home with.

Have you read about Colonel Harland Sander, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC? He tried his hands on different things and failed until he went into chicken frying, yes, ordinary chicken frying was what made him successful and fulfilled because that is what he was wired for.

Austine Jay Jay Okocha, an exceptionally talented footballer from Nigeria and arguably the best to have come from Africa, once said that he was grateful to God that he was being paid for football, which he considered as fun and got himself exercised with. This is exactly how gracious, fulfilled and easy it feels when one operates at where the talent lies.

Just like Late Dr Orlando Owoh’s dad that we started this topic with, some parents are crowding their children to some certain professions or fields simply because they consider them as being prestigious or lucrative but the truth is that No job is superior or inferior, what matters is doing what makes one successful.

Yes, people had recorded success and fulfillment in every area of human endeavour, being it cleaning, farming, minding and others, while in the same breath, people have failed at some considered prestigious positions because they never fit in; in summary, all that a man needs is identifying his talent, ability or interest and harness same for fulfilled living. Yes, to be ultimately at peace with himself, a man must be what he can be.


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