In a landmark decision on Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) from the United Nations directed the Israeli entity to take immediate actions to prevent genocide in Gaza, addressing concerns of direct incitement and ensuring urgent humanitarian needs are met.


During the session announcing its acceptance of South Africa's lawsuit against Israel for alleged genocide in Gaza, the court emphasized its authority to rule on emergency measures in the case. A significant majority of the 17-judge panel voted in favor of urgent measures, aligning with most of South Africa's requests, except for an order to halt the war on Gaza.


The court acknowledged the Palestinians' right to protection from acts of genocide in Gaza, highlighting the dire conditions that limit access to water, food, and basic necessities. It stated that these circumstances warrant interim measures against the Israeli entity.


The ICJ mandated that Israel submits a report within a month detailing the actions taken. The report should address the prevention of incitement against Palestinians, the punishment of those involved, and measures to preserve evidence related to the alleged genocide.


Considering statements by Israeli officials on the dehumanization of Palestinians, the court deemed some of South Africa's requested rights as reasonable. On December 29, South Africa filed a historic lawsuit against Israel, accusing it of "acts of genocide" in Gaza, garnering support from numerous countries. The comprehensive 84-page dossier presented by South Africa included evidence of thousands of Palestinian deaths and conditions conducive to physical destruction, constituting a crime of genocide.