In the early hours of Wednesday, a horrifying incident unfolded in Plateau State as gunmen attacked Kwahaslalek village in the Mangu Local Government Area, leaving no fewer than 30 people dead. The victims, predominantly women and children, sought refuge in the house of a community leader on Tuesday night following earlier unrest in Mangu town. Unfortunately, the assailants located them, resulting in a tragic loss of lives.


Mark Haruna, a community leader, revealed that the disturbances in Sabon Gari and Mangu town on Tuesday served as a diversion, redirecting attention away from vulnerable villages. Kwahaslalek, behind the NYSC camp, experienced a second attack, occurring around 12:30 am, claiming the lives of over 25 individuals, predominantly women and children.


Joseph Gwankat, Chairman of the Mwaghavul Development Association, expressed his distress over the callous nature of the killings. The unrest in Mangu town prompted fear in surrounding communities, leading some residents to evacuate their loved ones to what they believed was a safe location. Tragically, the killers targeted Kwahaslalek village during the night, where the assembled group, mainly comprising women and children, suffered a brutal assault resulting in numerous casualties.


Gwankat condemned the lack of security presence to protect the villagers, labeling the act as pure wickedness. The spokesperson for the state police command, Alabo Alfred, indicated that he had not received the incident report at the time of contact and pledged to investigate upon verification.


In response to the deteriorating security situation, Plateau State Governor Caleb Mutfwang declared a 24-hour curfew on Mangu Local Government Area on Tuesday. This decision followed an earlier unrest that resulted in the destruction of several houses, including churches and mosques. The situation remains dire, underscoring the urgent need for effective measures to address the escalating violence in the region.