Four Americans Kidnapped

Authorities are searching for four US citizens who were kidnapped after being shot at by gunmen when they crossed the Mexico border into the city of Matamoros to purchase medicine. The incident occurred on Friday, and the victims have not been identified. The FBI reported that armed men fired at their minivan before taking them away.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that the Americans were caught in the crossfire between two groups of gunmen after entering Mexico to buy medicine. He assured the public that the situation is being handled, and expressed hope that it will be resolved soon.

The White House called the kidnappings "unacceptable" and confirmed that President Joe Biden was informed of the situation. The US is prepared to provide consular assistance, and US law enforcement is in contact with their Mexican counterparts.

The FBI's San Antonio Division office confirmed that the Americans were taken by armed men after being removed from the scene. Matamoros is located south of Brownsville, Texas. US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar reported that the Americans were kidnapped at gunpoint and that a Mexican civilian was killed during the incident.

FBI Offers $50,000 Reward for Safe Return of Kidnapped Americans in Mexico

Mexican and US authorities are collaborating to locate four US citizens who were kidnapped in Matamoros, Mexico, while the FBI is offering a reward of $50,000 for their safe return and for the apprehension of the abductors. The victims were traveling in a white minivan with North Carolina license plates when they entered Matamoros. According to the US Embassy in Mexico, armed men opened fire on the vehicle shortly after it crossed the border, and then forced the occupants into another vehicle before fleeing the scene. A video posted on social media shows the kidnappers, some of whom were wearing body armor, putting four people into the back of a truck in broad daylight. One of the victims appeared to be alive and sitting up, while the others appeared to be injured or deceased.

Matamoros is a city plagued by violence due to rival factions of the Gulf drug cartel. On Friday, the situation was so severe that the US consulate issued a warning about the danger, and local authorities urged people to take shelter. The US Department of State has a "do not travel" advisory in place for Tamaulipas state, where Matamoros is located, due to the high level of crime and kidnapping in the region.

As a border city, Matamoros is frequently visited by US citizens from Brownsville and other parts of Texas, who cross the border for family visits, medical appointments, shopping, and travel deeper into Mexico.